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Details :

Medium long necklace made of semi-precious stones. The Native American Indians strongly believe that the small animal beads protect you on your journey in life. The Zuni tribes are the only creators of these beads, which they call "fetishes".

  • Eagle: power, courage and connection to spirit
  • Hummingbird: romantic, love and passion
  • Squirrel: natural intelligence, saving
  • Bear: strength, intuition and self-knowledge
  • Turtle: protection, Mother Earth and self-reliance
  • Salmon: sight, darkness and enlightenment
  • Buffalo: prayer, abundance and gratitude
  • Horse: strength, power and endurance
  • Rabbit: gentleness, charm and awareness of others

Length: 70 cm.

Most of our materials are handmade and therefore unique. As a result, purchased jewelry can slightly deviate from the pictures.

  • €145,00